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To the sea by mangoest
To the sea
Random picture time! (Trying to learn Substance Designer at the moment, and it's hard) 
Took this picture when we went to the sea on a random free day. My family likes to go to the sea just for a walk in the winter/spring. Only we didn't have much luck with the weather this time... 
Because that storm cloud arrived above our heads just a few minutes later. 
It was a nice day :)
purple scarf by mangoest
purple scarf
Whoo its finished! My first knitted finished project and also my first time trying out blocking. I used too much stocking stitch so it curled up quite a bit, blocking helped a lot, now lets see how long it stays in shape. (It is acrylic yarn, at the moment I'm also working on a scarf that is made from wool, this time with a seed stitch border. So I'm going to do a test which one holds up better over time!)
I really do have too many projects at the moment!

Made with Stylecraft Special dk.
Ears by mangoest
More oil painting! These were made in class at school. Took a picture of my own ear and each week we tried to paint that ear as realistic as possible (alla prima). 
Really nice challenge to get a painting with the same reference a little bit better each week. Also trying to stay concentrated on just painting for about 4 hours while deadlines of other school projects are closing in, scary XD.
In class we learned how to use a palette knife and color mixing techniques, which has really helped me so much.
Oil painting classes will be going on this block and next block and in the end we will make a complete self portrait, I am so excited for that!
Satria by mangoest
Painting from a member of one of my favorite bands, Omnia! Did this one this year when we had a week off school, not sure when exactly :P
Painted with oil paints ofcourse, on a 20by20 cm canvas. This was a fun in between digital school stuff project, was nice to get my hands dirty with actual paints again, had not done that in a long time.
When I was making this one I realized that I had totally forgotten how much I like oil painting, so I'm really happy that we get oil painting classes at school now. 
Skoda Fabia by mangoest
Skoda Fabia
Another IGAD school assignment from last year. This was definitely the assignment that was the hardest but I also learned the most from it. 
The car was made in Maya with the Nurbs technique. It had to be as accurate as possible to the car we chose, we had to choose a car that we had real life reference from, so I made my parents car (which I also drew two years ago for my intake assignment).
This assignment was crazy hard in the beginning, and I also had a corrupt file at some point so I had to start all over again, but once I figured out the Nurbs technique it was really fun to do (even though most people don't agree with me ;)) And I am proud how it turned out.

Right now this is still a Maya screenshot and the car is still in Nurbs, I am going to spend some time making it to polygons and then make nice shaders and renders in Unreal when I have the time. :)


mangoest's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
Hi! Welcome to my page!
My name is Irini and I am an 18 year old digital art student.
I study Visual Arts at International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD) at the NHTV in Breda.
I am now in my second year of this amazing university!

Next to my professional portfolio (which I am currently making) I wanted to create a place where I can share all the art I make and projects I am working on (not only the ones that I choose for my portfolio), welcome to that place!

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